How do you cope up after having a miscarriage?


I have a friend in Facebook whom I did not meet in person yet. She lives in the Philippines and lives in the place where my two sisters are from their too. We did not meet in person but our friendship for each other clicks right away.

She is a Mom of a six years old very pretty girl Z. I was very happy when I saw a sonogram picture of her baby.

This is what she said in the caption “Having you is like the beginning of all things, hopes, a dream of possibilities. thank you Lord.” I was very happy for her and for the family. I have read her wall as the months go along. I am very excited for her that finally she will have another baby.

Yesterday, I read this in her wall “I feel in love with you when you were forming in my womb, now I carry you in my heart instead in my arms.” I feel so sad for her. She loses that precious baby. She sent me am message that she lost the Baby. The fetus is expected in his/her 13th weeks but unfortunately the fetus stop growing at seven weeks. There was no heartbeat when she had her check-up.

I do not know how to ease the pain she is having now. I have been in that placed before having my daughter. I know that GOD has another plan for her and her family. I wish you the best Mommy A and I know that GOD will bless you another baby. It might not come today or tomorrow but I know it will happen. Please give Z a kiss and a hug for me.

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