Betrayal on ABC is my favorite show to watch on Sunday night


There is a new show on ABC at ten (10) at night on Sunday. It is entitled the Betrayal. It is one of my new favorite show to watch. I am really addicted watching this show. The show has been air for about four (4) episodes now. I cannot wait for Sunday night and watch Betrayal again.

Jack (Stuart Townsend) is a legal counsel to his father-in-law’s business. They both were married. They met during Sara’s art gallery show. They both are unhappy with their marriage. Their path gets conflicated when TJ Jack’s brother-in-law killed accidentally his Uncle and was floating dead in the river. Sara’s husband is a district attorney that will handle the case. Jack does not know that Sara’s husband is handling the case.

Here is a video I found on You Tube. Please watch it and let me know if does not interest you.

I just love this show. It is intriguing, sexy and steamy. I cannot wait to watch it over and over. I know that in reality cheating is so wrong but with this show please let it be right. My Sunday gets better and hotter from watching football to Betrayal. You can watch Betrayal on and check Betrayal and you can watch episodes and let me know if like me you will get hook too.

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