What are Self Sharpening Knives?

The knife industry is a strange one, with lots of terminology to get your head around. One such term is self-sharpening knives, so what do they entail?

Most knives come with blades that require regular sharpening. This means purchasing an expensive sharpener or taking the knife to a pro for sharpening, both of which can be inconvenient.

Recently though this has changed with the introduction of self-sharpening knives. Now there is a way to cut your costs on maintenance while still getting an exceptionally sharp blade.

Self-Sharpening Knives Explained

While regular kitchen knives need regular sharpening from a pro or an expensive sharpener, self-sharpening knives maintain their edge as long as the knife stays in use.

The blades on self-sharpening knives undergo a process called honing that’s why they are the Best Self Sharpening Knife Set. This is where there’s a micro-thin coating placed on the blade and then this gets honed away thanks to friction and movement against surfaces like a cutting board.

Self-sharpening knives are gaining in popularity thanks to their convenience, but there is a downside. While they will stay sharp for much longer than other types of blades, when the knife does become blunt it’s almost impossible to remove that micro-thin coating which means you need to get rid of the knife and buy another one.

The cost of the knife will depend on where you’re buying it from. While there are cheaper off-brand options that range between $30 and $50, self-sharpening knives developed by producers like Shun or Global can cost upwards of $100. This is because they use better quality materials in their manufacturing.

When to Use Self Sharpening Knives

Self-sharpening knives are designed for those who don’t want to pay the cost of having their knives sharpened professionally. This means that they’re best suited for:

Chefs and cooks – if you’re working in a kitchen, self-sharpening blades allow you to maintain your edge as long as you use the knife.

Self-sharpening knives can even be a good idea for amateur cooks as it allows beginners to learn the basics before moving on to other sharpening methods.

Food lovers who want convenience – who doesn’t love a sharp, responsive blade? Self-sharpening blades allow you to slice through food effortlessly rather than having to struggle with dull blades.

When to Avoid Self Sharpening Knives

Self-sharpening knives aren’t a great choice for everyone, and they’re certainly not the best all-rounder option. If you want an exceptionally sharp blade that will stay that way, then it’s time for a different choice of knife:

People who hate regular maintenance – using self-sharpening knives will mean you have to sharpen your knife regularly, so if this isn’t something you enjoy then it’s worth looking or checking out other types of knife here.

People who want a truly sharp edge – self-sharpening knives are designed for convenience so they won’t give you the most incredibly sharp edge out there. People who need their blade to be silky smooth and responsive should look elsewhere.

People who want to avoid hassle – sharpening your knife is a lot easier than with self-sharpening knives so if you don’t like the thought of daily maintenance, it’s worth looking at different options.